The price is based on clear and free access to all aspects to the contract scope | claims: Property Maintenance may be served at the end of the day everyday, in some cases upfront | claims: Building Services may be served at 5 business day intervals; with the first claim 5 business days after commencement | disclaimer; this quote was prepared based on the information calculated at the time of quoting, should revised information become available at a later stage changing the contract scope then the quote may be invalid or revised | principal indemnifies Alinement Pty. Ltd. from any unforeseen | adjustments to be made for inclement weather also rise on material & trade services. Note minimum charge 5 hours per day and/or 5 metre squared and/or 5 metre linear. Price subject to prime cost & provisional sum ascertainable items.

If you wish to proceed with the works please provide confirmation with appropriate deposit via return email or in writing to our office for our early attention. Sequential work is scheduled on receipt of payments due.

Cooling-off Period

You may end the contract within (5) clear business days after signing or accepting the Contract Document. Deposit is a form of acceptance. Deposits are not refundable. Ending a Contract must be done in writing and delivered by email or Registered mail. All fees incurred till date must be paid for Contract to end

Your first consultation comprises an obligation free initial meeting. This involves discussing your concepts and aspirations for the project or repair work and your budget. We talk about your ‘must haves’ and your ‘wishes’ and how to transform these into a timeless sustainable design or solution that will cater for your lifestyle.

Where projects are on a smaller scale, we will compile all the relevant documentation, based on your drafted specifications and provide you with a quote for your review.

Where projects are on a larger scale and, or require more complex solutions, to be able to provide you a price and give you the best advise, sometimes we need to take a good look at all the factors and the conditions for your project or repair work. This takes time on site and in the office namely ‘administrative time’. Our in depth quotes are fairly priced. The utmost care is taken to give a price and avoid unnecessary ‘variations’ over the term of the project.

Alinement operates with honesty and integrity. An important thing to remember is ‘the planning’ of any project is critical to fulfilling a project to the highest quality and mitigating cost.

Paying for an in depth scheduled scope of works gives our clients the ability to make informed decisions about their project from beginning to end so there are no surprises.

Our quotes are valid for 30 days. We understand it takes time to make a decision. If you are happy to proceed, we then move to the pre-construction stage. This involves a meeting to discuss your contract.

The total cost of your project depends on the scale and type of work required. Fixed pricing is given, so you know the cost at the beginning of your project and there are no surprise expenses on completion.

Payments are due at different stages of the build. Most projects include deposit, demolition, base, frame, lock up and fix. Alinement operates through Method B of the Domestic Building Contract Act 1995, Section 40 of this Act does not apply.

Prior to work commencing on your project, you will be provided with a contract, which outlines our payment terms.

In some cases, Payments are due at the end of the day every day or upfront.

The scope of the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payament Act 2002 extends and applies to Alinement's Contract.

For Emergencies, there is a non-refundable call out fee.

For Site Visit, fee will be deducted where Alinement is awarded the work.

To commission Alinement for Emergency call out or a Site Vist   Click

Yes, we encourage Owner Builder Projects. We work side by side with you, providing our expert knowledge and hands on practical experience.

Yes, all our trades offered are in our 'trades' section. You may wish to use a single trade or a collection of trades for your project.

Yes, this is one of the reasons we are unique. Our contract agreement allows the flexibility for completion at any stage of construction. For example, if all you need is foundations and excavations or concrete stumps with bearers & joist, Alinement will make it happen.

Yes, where you have a vision or need direction, we offer a full suite of services and guidance throughout every stage of your project.

Yes, at Alinement, we value transparency. This should be an enjoyable experience for you knowing exactly what to expect and when. Our in depth schedule ensures we have a clear plan in place and a fixed timeline built into your contract.

Depending on the scope of the project, it is possible you may be able to live in your home during construction, however it is not guaranteed. Your safety is our priority and the more complex the project, the more difficult it will be for you to live in the home during construction. We can discuss this with you during the consultation stage.

Yes, this is a fundamental part of your project experience. Site visits are coordinated for you, to ensure we are complying with OH&S requirements. In addition to this, we provide you with regular updates on the progress of your project.

No, make sure you replace the battery with a lithium battery and test the smoke alarm.

No, emergency works by a licensed builder with experience can carry out the repair.

Availabilty depends on the urgency of the work.